KOBOLD "Curse of the Ancient Abbey" VINYL LP + RPG MODULE

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A few months after the success of "The Cave of the Lost Talisman" the chaotic little humanoid called KOBOLD had already composed a second album. We've all wondered: will it live up to the previous one? Will it be a killer album? Well... it was! The formula had remained unchanged: the love of early 80s role-playing games, the sounds inspired by 8 and 16-bit video games from when we were kids, a solid and compelling story punctuated by a handful of songs composed with uncommon skill.

"The curse of the ancient abbey" is the soundtrack of a real Dungeons & Dragons adventure module: each song tells a game situation, a room on the map, or a breathtaking fight. "The curse of the ancient abbey" is a tribute to our adolescence, to the light-heartedness and sense of adventure we were looking for, and a tribute to the imagination and creativity that fantasy role-playing games have taught us to cultivate.
Inside the LP you will find the fully playable RPG adventure module of "The curse of the ancient abbey".