Shipping & Returns

Hello! Some notes about shipping and other boring stuff:

* Shipments are made within 10 days from the order according to the methods you have chosen. In the case of traceable shipping, the buyer will receive a code for tracking the shipment.

* If the shipment for any reason should be lost, the entire cost of the purchase (including shipping costs) will be refunded. In the event of non-traceable shipping, we will not be able to issue a refund for any reason.

* The purchased products cannot be returned, unless they are defective or damaged. In that case they will be replaced by us.

* When your order is shipped, a tracking code will be sent to you. Follow the path of your shipment so that everything goes smoothly. It's important to make sure you leave your phone number when you order and have your name on the mailbox. Be as accurate as possible and your mailman will thank you (and us too!).

* Customs fees are to be paid by the buyer. We can't ship the goods as a gift, so beware of customs fees on larger purchases!

* Shipping costs depend on the weight and are calculated at the time of check out. These are approximately the shipping costs from 1 to 4 cassettes:

  • ITALY: from euro 6,50 to euro 7,50
  • EUROPE: from euro 8,00 to euro 11,50
  • U.S.A.: from euro 9,50 to euro 11,00
  • ASIA: from euro 8,50 to euro 11,50
  • OCEANIA: from euro 10,00 to euro 13,00
  • Rest of the World: from euro 10,50 to euro 13,00

Bigger purchases (up to 2 kg.) will have higher costs!

* Unfortunately, due to the bureaucratic complications caused by Brexit, it is not possible to order from the U.K. (England, Scotland and North Ireland). Sorry :(

That's all! For any questions write us :)