I will not be held responsible for stolen or lost parcels. Please see shipping FAQ below to see specific times and shipping methods for domestic and international.

If you are OUTSIDE the Europe please be aware if your country has a VAT or import tax. Your items may be held at customs if you do not pay and that could be why they are held up. It is your responsibility to know the import price/rules for your country. These custom fees are the customer’s responsibility to pay, not HDK.

Returns? Exchanges? Sorry, but orders are NOT returnable :(

Make sure your address is correct because if it is NOT correct and is shipped to the wrong location, no refund or sending of the items again can happen.

It is important to add your telephone number to the order data so that the couriers can contact you for delivery.

Where does HDK ship to?

  • Italy
  • Europe
  • Usa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Africa

Where does HDK not ship to?

  • U.K.
Processing time: shipping happens about once a week.

MAKE SURE your address is correct. I cannot be held responsible if you give me the wrong address and it's shipped there.

If your item is lost in the mail it is not my responsibility to refund you; anyway send me a message and we can try to do something!!

I think my item is lost? Please take these steps before contacting me:
  • Wait a few extra days. Sometimes the process is slow at certain times of the year (winter holidays especially). If you are in the US: sometimes it may say “delivered” on your tracking number before it has reached your house.
  • Check with neighbors, roommates or office coworkers in case they have taken your package by mistake.
  • Go to your local post office and inquire (make sure to bring a tracking # or any other specifics you have about your package).
  • If none of these have worked send me a message and we can figure something out!
What happens if an item arrives damaged? Contact me and we will look for a solution

Have a question that's not on this page?
Email: aghittino@yahoo.it