HDK 98 † KUBUSSCHNITT "Continuous forms" CASSETTE

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... Cyclic sequences, shapes that change and return to themselves in an endless loop, flashing lights that envelop the perpetual motion of machines in a soft embrace, cascades of notes that change color without our senses knowing, the eternal beating of artificial hearts in metal chests ...

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Kubusschnitt, born in 1999, is a real electronic-music band in the Berlin School style which, over time, has involved several musicians from the UK, Germany, Holland and Denmark. A Kosmische-musik all-stars band!

The beauty of being a band is being together and sharing ideas, experiences, inspiration and, of course, a few beers at the pub. Traveling, playing and celebrating successes on stage together (or drowning failures in alcohol): there is nothing more fun than going on tour with the band!

Kubuscchnitt, over the years, have played several concerts and tasted life on the road; "Continuous Forms" tape is a small testimony because it only collects live songs from the band: raw and punk stuff (never printed in official albums ) that we love precisely for its dirty and lived-in look.

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... The sequencers draw infinite landscapes, on which the synthesizers stand with their screaming oscillators; the guitars draw constellations of sounds, glimpses of light in the black canvas of space. Lower your defenses and let yourself be hypnotized by the music of stars!