HDK 97 † BASIC DUNGEON "Dungeon of Algebra Dragons" CASSETTE

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You have been locked in the infamous DUNGEON OF ALGEBRA DRAGONS. To make your way to freedom, you must search through the dungeon for the Magic Keys... but beware the Algebra Dragons: if they find you, you must use your algebra skills to outwit them or your escape may be foiled.


You start your journey with 1.000 gold pieces. When a dragon finds you, give you an algebra problem to solve. He will add to your gold reserves if you are correct, or take some of your gold if you are wrong. When your gold is gone, he will have you for supper.


On your journey through the Algebra Dungeon, you will also be confronted by poisonous spiders, trapdoors, and other surprises to make your escape more challenging. In this adventure, you can only count on your concentration and your algebra skills to overcome the challenges that arise. Will you escape from the dungeon or become “food for dragon”?