HDK 95 † BULBILS "A smashing adventure" CASSETTE

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Listen / Download digital versione here:  BULBILS - A smashing adventure


Welcome to an enchanted land where everything is strange and mysterious. The songs on this cassette are ancient incantations that make us travel back in time to our childhood, when music was a daydream and everyday life a strange adventure.

There's something arcane and primal in the tinkling of notes here: in the lo-fi ohms of tracks like "Holy Smoke" and "Field," in the twilight pace of "Bell Tower" or in the epic broomstick space ride of "A castle at the heart of an asteroid field."


The music of the Bulbils is a childhood game: there are no tricks, there are no camouflages. Just two people playing and having fun doing it: Richard and Sally dealt with the lockdown of the first wave of Covid-19 by recording some music every day. The result of those captive recording sessions has been divided into an unspecified number (tending to hundreds) of albums released on Bandcamp. "A smashing adventure" contains a small part of their spells.