HDK 94 † ASTARIUM "Into the dragon's domain" CASSETTE

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In the centuries long past, the people of the province of Culhaver used to celebrate their successful harvest of the crops by travelling across Yarrowdale moor to the mountains to give thanks to their god who had sent them rain when needed and sunshine to follow the rain. It was on this day of celebration in the mountains, one year long ago, that a fearful dragon appeared, swooping down from the sky and attacking the defenceless gathering villagers.

He became known as “Dagmor the Terrible”. Spitting tongues of flame he laid waste to the land and to the villagers themselves. Many perished that day, and from that day forward the mountains have been known as the Mountains of Sorrow.

With the destruction wrought by Dagmor the Terrible the mountains became desolate, craggy and haunting. The dragon pillaged on. Some brave and gallant fighters of fortune accepted the challenge of defeating the Dragon and free the land from its threat : they travelled into the mountains and... were never seen again. So the High Sheriff of Culhaver has offered a huge reward to whoever brought him the dragon's head (believing that no one would ever succeed).

Well, as you passed through the region, your curiosity was piqued by the possibility of putting your hands on that mountain of gold...


In the 80s there was the boom of the so-called "gamebooks", interactive books usually of the fantasy genre, in which the reader was called to make choices and solve puzzles to reach the last page.

PROTEUS, a magazine released in the UK from 1984 to 1988, published a whole interactive adventure to play in each issue: they were naive dungeon explorations, treasure searches full of sense of bizarre, weird riddles and absurd monsters.

PROTEUS's adventures weren't masterpieces, but they were fun and damn difficult: there were often dozens of objects to necessarily find to complete the quest and defeat the final monster, and most of the time the decisive one was missing; furthermore, it was essential to draw maps ogf the dungeons in order not to get lost in the paragraphs, but these maps often... did not add up.

In short: a lot of fun for us kids of the analog era!


From the plains of remote Siberia here is ASTARIUM, a prolific DS musician we met in the first volume of HDK Dungeon-synth Magazine.

A kaleidoscope of classic DS atmospheres combined with the epic and arcane pace of classic heavy metal: an unusual but winning combination that will accompany you in the highlights of this dungeon-crawling. In "Into the Dragon's Domain" you will hear echoes of the great Eastern Bloc Heavy metal bands of the 80-90s like Turbo, Aria and Octave.

"Into the Dragon's Domain" cassette includes an illustrated booklet of 28 pages that will accompany you track by track for a immersive listening!