HDK 92 † UNDER THE DOME "Thunder over city hall" CASSETTE

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Listen here:  UNDER THE DOME - Thunder over city hall

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Welcome to this second release in HDK's "Kosmische musik" series, dedicated to our favorite artists playing E.M. in Berlin-school tradition. It is a real pleasure to introduce Grant Middleton and Colin Anderson, aka UNDER THE DOME from Scotland.

UNDER THE DOME's music sounds crystal clear like the air after a storm, and dreamy like a staring off among the sky in a summer night; "Thunder over city hall" is a wonderfully retro-futuristic collection of songs that you will never tire of listening!

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This tape collects some compositions recorded by UNDER THE DOME over 24 years of activity, some in studio and others live. Entirely live is the second side that contains three songs that come from the concert held in Philadelphia, U.S.A. in 2003. The songs titles were inspired by that experience: "Thunder over City Hall" refers to an afternoon when Grant and Colin were in downtown Philadelphia during a thunderstorm and watched lightning streak the sky over the historic Philadelphia City Hall, the iconic building whose silhouette appears on the cover of this tape.

The Philadelphia City Hall is located near to another iconic place in the city: the square known as "Love Park" (the title of the last track of this tape). In the years when Under the Dome were in Philadelphia, Love Park was a meeting place for people from different social backgrounds, and above all it was a paradise for skaters: the shape of the square and its concrete structures were perfect for practicing skateboarding and inventing stunts! Soon, the fame of Love Park spread so much that boys and girls came from afar to skate in the square.

The city administration was soon hostile to skateboarding in Love Park: in 2016 the Philadelphia administration definitively prevented skateboarding at Love Park and in 2018 the square was redesigned, unfortunately putting an end to a spontaneous experiment of creative use of urban space under the banner of cultural melting pot.