HDK 90 † CAVERN "Monofuture" CASSETTE

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Evanescent lights in the night. Dirty cities. Cruel concrete buildings soaring in an ashen sky. On the paths of our imagination, dreams and fears intersect, generating accidents and strange mythologies of a near future.

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CAVERN plays with the anguished fantasies of retro-futuristic sci-fi to compose deep and pulsating music that conveys a sense of agonizing wait. Here in the HDK headquarters we immediately fell in love with CAVERN's music and decided to publish a cassette anthology entitled "Monofuture".

"Monofuture" collects two CAVERN albums ("Neon Skyline" from 2019 and "Precambrian Overlord" from 2020) and a handful of unreleased tracks: about an hour of pulsating synths, thrilling sequencers, 80's TV movies mood and sound textures that draw urban landscapes at dusk, aerial view of endless metropolis immersed in mist.