HDK 89 † ELYTHERIA "The Quest for the Chalice of Life" CASSETTE

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Elytheria lies in ruins! Cities are being deserted as people flee in panic from the undead force that rose in the southern kingdom. For generations, the prophecy has been thought nothing more than a tale to fright children. Yet still, a fortnight ago, it proved to be true.

It was said that if a king's firstborn son were to die on a full moon, the Lichs would return and lay siege over the rule of the kingdom. And indeed, under their mighty spells the dead have been rising from their graves to wreak havoc throughout the land.

Knights, lords, and mighty armies were dispatched south to face the dead. Yet it proved to be a hopeless fight, the dead relentlessly fought their way across the kingdom. As despair spread, even among the king's own ranks. It became clear that the force could not be overcome by mere mortal means, and so with nowhere left to turn, the king sought the advice of the sages.

Under their counsel he learned of an ancient chalice, forged by dwarven smiths, and enchanted with the power of life by the wizards of the Eastern Mountains many years ago. Held in the highest regard after its creation, the artifact however slowly sank into oblivion after the downfall of the dwarven kingdom. As time passed the knowledge of its whereabouts had been lost until only a selected few knew of its precise location.

"So, you know how we can obtain this artifact? I shall spare neither labour nor expense! I prithee thee, tell me where I am to look for it." the king implored the sages.
"It will be no easy task, my lord. I, however, do not know where the chalice can be found. Seek the knowledge of the monks of the abbey that lies to the north of your castle, they may be able to provide you with the answers you need."

Eager to retrieve the artifact, upon which depends the future of the realm, the king called for the paladin Earric to fulfil the quest.


The magic of vintage fantasy RPG modules, the sound reminiscent of old computer role-playing games music, the evocative and mystery-filled illustrations in 80s underground heavy-metal tradition make this "The quest for the Chalice of Life" a must for all lovers of the most classic and sincere dungeon-synth.

The cassette of "The quest for the chalice of life" contains the entire adventure scenario complete with map, which you can adapt to your favorite RPG.

Press play and let your imagination wander...