HDK 86 † RED GREMLIN "The rise of the Gazunderlings" CASSETTE

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"In the darkest corner of the Sword Mountains, hidden in the shadow of the Icespire, lies the Kazunder Valley. Here, out of sight of prying eyes, the Faceless are overseeing the extraction of something far more precious than gold. No being in their right mind would ever set foot in these mines voluntarily and so the Faceless choose the cowardly creatures known only as the Gazunderlings to do their dirty work.
Yet the terrors in the dark are so great that even the spineless Gazunderlings are forced to rise up against their masters".


RED GREMLIN, champion of the exploited, dungeon-synth artist in solidarity with the people in struggle, tells us about the tragic revolt of the Gazunderlings miners against their evil oppressors.

RED GREMLIN's goblin-synth is devoted to the sounds of dusty ancient computers and the sulphurous atmospheres of old weird tales. RED GREMLIN is a master in creating a mood of magic and mystery.


RED GREMLIN is well acquainted with the history of the struggles of the English miners during the years 1984-85: