HDK 83 † CREUTZFELDT JAKOBS "In the bright darkness"

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Listen here:  CREUTZFELDT JAKOBS - In the bright darkness

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CREUTZFELDT JAKOBS is a strange instrumental pop band from Malmo, Sweden; their music is "inspired by old BBC-soundtracks and early 80´s balkan-synth scene, composed and recorded using old synths, tape decks and other forms of obsolete technology"; their songs talk about the history of the Soviet Union, with particular interest for the Perestroika-era. Well, something bizarre enough to make us fall in love immediately!

"In the bright darkness" is a romantic concept album about the illusions, dramas and utopias that characterized daily life in the communist countries of the twentieth century; a beautiful, bitter-sweet album, made up of dark and other dreamy moments, pictures from beyond the Iron Curtain at the time of the Cold War.