HDK 81 † PONTIFFERASMUS "Husk the mountains" CASSETTE

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"Under a slip of a moon that hung in the air like a clipped fingernail, Pontiff Erasmus honoured the heavens by donning a capirote that forever pointed upward to the grand abyss. It was by the Order of the Osiris Triad that the people of Maypyre were to be put to death, and the Pontiff honoured this request. He opened the Shadesbourne and read from the rotten pages therein. From incantation to action his words became as mists which formed the creature that would devour Maypyre, its people, its livestock and its land. This was the only way to ensure the wealth of this valley finally became his, and his alone".


From the mysterious Pontiff Erasmus, pure chthonic magic translated into music. For classic dungeon-synth lovers.