HDK 79 † BONES & DAWSON "Dancing with bullets under a neon sun" CASSETTE

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Andy Bones and John Dawson are back with the soundtrack of a cyberpunk RPG called "Dancing with bullets under a neon sun". The style of the italo-finnish duo is delightfully the same as the best-seller "Chip of Depression": retro-futuristic-pop and italo-disco with breathtaking melodies and pressing minimal rhythms.

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"Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun" is a weird cyberpunk RPG for fans of the OSR. "Dancing with Bullets Under a Neon Sun" will provide a unique ambiance to your cyberpunk game with the help of the wonderful neon-soaked isometric artwork of Dirk Leichty. Entering the Net isn't a mere hacking mini-game, it's a spiritual encounter between characters and a man-made electronic heaven. Technology is expensive, thrice recycled, and protected by arcane rituals only understood by wizard-scientists. Your characters aren't hackers or mercenaries—they're sharks, phreaks, and puppets.