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New York City, year 1988: you are part of one of the many gangs that operate in the slums of the city, hiding in the subway, dungeon under skyscreapers, squatted houses and, when necessary even, in the sewers system. Raids up to streets are dangerous and are always undertaken disguise or under cover of the night: gangs fight for territory and control, as the organized crime and corrupt cops rule with an iron fist. Yes, it's a violent world, baby; but also full of '80s clichés like post-nuke mutants, weird graffiti, boomboxes, nunchakus, dirty punks, glam-rock bands, crazy scientist, crocodiles in the sewers, giant mice, and more... In short, as you understand, it is not exactly the New York of 1988 that you remember, but it's... much more fun!

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HDK couldn't miss this opportunity: to produce the soundtrack of a super-cool RPG called ALTNYC88 which draws inspiration from all the worst (or the best?) of 80s popular culture: from "The Warriors" to "1997 Escape from New York", from "American Ninja" series to the Cannon Movies most unsuccessful productions: all the shit we grew up with! So we ordered the artist called CASIOTOMB to realize a soundtrack of ALTNYC88: he put on his legwarmers and dusted off his old analog synthesizers to make the 14 tracks of this suppa-album! One thing is certain: he did not let us down!