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HDK is proud to introduce you the second episode of "Kowloon Neon City", the immaginary distopic and retro-futuristic anime released in 199X. In this second part, the story moves from the rejected city of Kowloon to its double Olympus. We will discover a world permeated by technology that brings many aspects of our reality forward, to the extreme consequences. Mei and Cheng, once again the protagonists of this story, have to fight for their lives against the global sistem of surveillance. And we will discover some news details about the life of "the pale god of Kowloon", the killer (and Mei's father) that fight once again to eliminate our protagonists forever. But not all will go as planned...

The japanese musician called Ryosuke Mochida has overtake himself donating to us a various and original album, full of melodies and arrangements, inspired by retrowave, darkwave and dance music of the early '90. You can enjoy it reading to the story in the booklet attached. See you soon in the third and final episode!

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In the previous episode:
Cheng is a young smuggler of memories. Mei is a cyborg girl. They live in the same gang in Kowloon suburbs. One night Cheng discovers that all his customers are killed by a mysterious cyborg called “The pale god of Kowloon”. And he understands that the killer is looking for them. Cheng doesn’t know why but Mei hides some dark secrets in her past. They start to live in secrecy to survive...

The megalopolis is a nightmare of rain and concrete, tangled cables and flashing screens. And traffic. Neon signs are everywhere. The crowd leaves no respite. Only if you turn in the maze of humid secondary roads you can be alone, surrounded by dirt. Skyscrapers are so high that you can’t see their end. The sky is always covered by a thick and dense fog, which causes thin and never ending rain. You will never see the sun in Kowloon: clouds are crossed by the highest towers, which go through them approaching Olympus, the city of the Elected. Over there, it is said, you can feel the sunrays but the inhabitants of Kowloon are not allowed to reach the highest floors. In Kowloon people live in a dark, humid and endless night. Humans usually have robotic body parts and a chip that contains the soul: you can surf the big web and exchange memories, experiences and identities.

“They’re looking for me.” “Who?” “The Chosen of Olympus. They sent the killer to eliminate me. I have to disappear; I’ll leave you my robot body. We won’t see each other for a while but we can communicate on the net.”