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Listen/Buy in digital format here:  GNOLL - Cro-man


Thousand and thousand years ago, when the planet Earth lay savage, ruled by mighty monsters and arcane spells, human tribes lived scattered over its surface like stars in a nightly sky.

In that dark age, the name of the bravest warrior of all was... CRO-MAN! He was chosen by the elders to go on the quest for iron, a mysterious substance which the old Gods had left behind after the defeat of the Giants, and the creation of the world from their flesh.

Drag yourself back to the bronze age and taste the mighty power of the barbaric hero called... CRO-MAN!


Welcome to the new GNOLL album, entirely devoted to the strength of humanity's primal heroes. This album will transport you to an age when our land was young and incredibly wild, an age when unknown forces and immeasurable fears shook the events of men and gods. An age of mystery and grandeur: the age of CRO-MAN!

This album was born from the barbaric collaboration between Heimat der Katastrophe and Underworld Muscle, forge of heroes and demons! Underworld Muscle produces vigorous action figures according to the taste of us kids of the 80s. Enjoy Underworld Muscle productions here:


Underworld Muscle asked Gnoll to write the soundtrack of the adventures of Cro-Man and Gnoll accepted the challenge: under the tutelary deity of Basil Poledouris and John Milius' Conan the Barbarian (however inferior in strength and grandeur to Cro-man), Gnoll held the instruments as if they were a primitive battle axe and composed the 12 tracks of paleolithic and barbaric dungeon-synth that you can listen to here.

The CRO-MAN cassette contains the entire catalog of CRO-MAN action figures so that you can taste their power and perfect musculature.

(Cro-man and friends)