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In 1955, the Soviet Union completed the first spacecraft launch site in history: the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Still active today, the cosmodrome is located in Kazakhstan, about thirty kilometers from the city with the same name (until 1995 called Leninsk). The cosmodrome was the scene of grandiose events in Soviet history, such as the launch of the first sputnik (1957), but also of dramatic events such as the Nedelin catastrophe (1960), in which 78 people died due to an explosion.

Baikonur was the core of the ambitious Soviet Space Program until the collapse of the USSR: the first man to travel into space, Juri Gagarin (1961), and the first woman, Valentina Tereskova (1963), departed from Bajkonur Cosmodrome.

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Welcome to the new album of TSAR-BOMB, psudonym of the swedish musician Robin Klockerman.

"Bajkonur" tells of a strange and distant era of utopias and progress, big dreams and grim realpolitik: the Soviet space age.
Bajkonur's music reflects the duplicity of that era: dreamy and hopeful like the narration of the future in Soviet culture, but also gloomy and distressing like the loneliness of the cosmonaut in deep space; sweet and sunny like the illustrations in the magazines for soviet kids, rough and concrete like the real life in USSR in the 50s.

Robin's minimal-synth stuff is always poised between kraut rock and post-punk, electroacoustic and glitch music... so it's hard to put his style under one label: we think this makes Tsar Bomb's music charming and a flagship in the eclectic HDK's catalogue. Thanks Robin for this new little masterpiece!