HDK 67 † MAX ROGUISH "Lightbite"

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Following a nuclear catastrophe, the Earth has become an immense desert. Day time is short, and sunlight has red and purple glares. Living beings went through mutations due to the radiations, social order has come apart and humans live in what is left of a huge megalopolis, where neon palely lightens the never-ending nights. People have organized small anarchic-capitalist communities and they survive by selling stuff, spare parts and food. There is no official law but only the rules that each group has self-imposed.

Max Roguish is a vampire biker. He is a loner and at night he drives at full throttle through the streets of the megalopolis. He survives drinking fresh blood, but he picks up his preys very carefully: he plans revenge against the humans that killed his family. It is the Omega-Alpha community, that tyrannizes a district of the town with dirty business of drug and prostitution. At night Max wanders the bars under the control of the clan where the worst punks hang out. He can recognize the affiliation to the clan thanks to a tattoo on the neck...

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"Lightbite" is the debut of Max Roguish, biker, musician, maybe vampire, but above all romantic guy. He doesn't live in a world destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe: you can meet him in the suburbs of London as he wanders through the night in search of liquids to quench his thirst (not blood usually, but strong beer).

With "Lightbite", Max tell us a story of love and vengeance, using a musical language between retrowave and minimal-synth, where sombre melodies and romantic moments alternate. A very passionate album, overfilled of dark fascination for the night.