HDK 66 † V.A. "Tales from the inn at the edge of the world II" CASSETTE

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Another year of HDK releaes has passed, and here we are just in time with the second volume of the HDK Christmas compilation which brings together a handful of unpublished songs by our most faithful artists.

Let's starts with a killer song by the team responsible for DUNJON MAGIK album, to continue with an epic 16-bit overture in the classic and beloved KOBOLD style. Present all the veterans of the HDK catalog: THONGOR from ancient Lemuria, SIDEREAL FORTRESS from the sweet Tuscan countryside and the decrepit, evil DOOM CATACOMB from the lugubrious lands of Zotique.

BASIC DUNGEON and 1KBYTE DUNGEON offer us their share of noise produced with old and dusty computer-chips from an extinct technological age.

The infamous dungeon-synth ensemble called GNOLL is this time dealing with a terrifying army of displacer beasts, while ZANDAR ZAN recounts blatant actions of blood and crime in his tune called "Cold Wound".

That's all folks! We will meet again in 2020 for another year of weirdo music!