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The history of the cold war era in Italy is full of mystery and violence. Those were dark years: terrorism was rampant, police repression was harsh and frequent, the political struggle was bitter: the fear of dominant powers is that it could become a communist country; the fear of the left is that it could falling under a new fascist regime.

In this complex scenario, many forces were operating underground: deviated secret services, extremist cabals, masonic lodges, shady factotums... still many are the unsolved mysteries of that era!

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BMKH collects the Italy's malaise of yesterday and today and makes fun of it, with his macabre sense of humor and his music made of mocking synth scores, bat-cave disco rhythms and buzz of old appliances.

Behind the abbreviation BMKH hides a veteran of the Italian anarchist punk scene, who since the early 90s plays on the stages of squats throughout Italy. After a few years of experimentation, the music of BMKH has found a perfect synthesis between electroclash, minimal-synth, soundtracks of the police movies of the 70s and raw-punk. This mixture of old and new, electronic and punk, makes BMKH's music fascinating and timeless.