HDK 64 † GREMNA "Synastria" CASSETTE

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The gathering of the nine elder shamans of Idaia on the 10th of the first month of the year 2020 was appointed at the dawn of the new millennium. During this extremely rare occasion, they convene in silence, placing themselves in three rows of three, facing Eastwards, encircled by a line carved on the ground by a black-hilt dagger. The circle is covered with dictamnus leaves soaked in vintage wine.

The place is a secluded glade on mount Kedros, surrounded by four large boulders of limestone that act as the Meridian Compass. The alignment of Saturn and Pluto initiates a new cycle and they are there to bond their entwined intuitive powers so to sense what comes with the new phase and prepare.

Seven falcons with seven wild hyacinths on their beaks land on the site and place their offerings, then withdraw back into the shadows. Four griffon vultures land on each of the boulders, fan out their serrated wings and bow their heads in communion. Only nine ayiofida snakes pass through the circle and slither on the elders’ laps, as to complete the mystic eeriness of the scene. A silver blanket provided by the full Moon veneers this gathering of man, animal and primal matter, creating a lunar landscape with myriads of mirroring shadows echoing and resonating the message only these few can tune in to.

In this focal point in Time, the nine elders translate the channeled missive of the Stars through the medium of sound, deciphered into ten short compositions of music, each one carrying a specific message for the new age unfolding. This is Synastria, the gist of the nine elders’ insight through the Cosmos and the harbinger on the doorstep of our consciousness.


A mysterious Greek musician made us listen to some songs he had composed, musical fragments full of darkness, mysticism and synthetic epicness: them were enough to fall in love with his project, linked to the ancient legends of the island of Crete.

So here is "Synastria" by GREMNA: an amazing album where dungeon-synth meets the electronic music of the past, that sound we love and is the reason why HDK exists: the immortal Kosmische Musik by Tangerine Dream, Gunther Schickert, Klaus Schulze and Manuel Gottsching. PURE GOLD!