HDK 62 † BASIC DUNGEON "Perils in the slums scenario 3: the maze of death" CASSETTE

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Welcome to the third and final episode of the Perils in the slums saga! In the previous episode ("The corrupt magicians") our heroes found a key with a strange symbol, the same one they saw on the closed hatch in the orcs' basement (see Perils in the slums 1: the orcs commune). They then decide to return to the city sewers, re-cross the orcs' hideout and try if, as they think, the key opens the mysterious trapdoor. Obviously it works! They will get access in a new level of the dungeon: incredible challenges and deadly puzzles await them in the... Maze of Death!

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"Perils in the slums" is an epic saga that will transport you back in time, when a scribbled map and a set of dice was enough to live breathtaking adventures. An era in which a handful of pixels maked up intricate dungeons and frightening monsters, an era in which we were catapulted into fairy worlds to the sound of monophonic jingles and beep-beeps produced by a computer.