HDK 61 † GIARRUSO, PIROTTI & SBAM "Milano: difesa anti-atomica" CASSETTE

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A few months ago the tranquility of HDK headquarters was broken by an astonishing find: poking through the garbage, we came across a tape of dark recordings dating back to a period between the 80s and 90s. After some research, we discovered that it was unpublished soundtracks recorded for broadcasts of a local TV of our city called Docuvideo TV, which went bankrupt in the early 90s.

Between the late 70s and the late 90s, a lot of private TV stations arose in Italy. These TV channels occupied residual bands and broadcast in limited areas (often limited to a radius of a few kilometers). Most of these television networks were purely commercial and the program was based on teleshopping, but other broadcasters had higher ambitions: for exemple Docuvideo TV, located in Milan. Docuvideo TV was specialized in documentaries, educational programs, especially related to the world of electronics, and tv news about Milano and surroundings.

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So here is the soundtrack of "Milan: anti-atomic defense", a half-hour documentary aired on Docuvideo TV in winter 1985: it described the consequences of a nuclear explosion on the city of Milan and hypothesized the safety measures to be adopted. Those were years of recrudescence of the cold war and nuclear psychosis was widespread among the population.

HDK collected in a cassette the fragments of the musical commentary made up of three obscure musicians we know nothing about: a trio called Giarruso, Pirotti & Sbam.