HDK 60 † GNOLL "Lone Wolf Ep.1: Flight from the dark" CASSETTE

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You are Lone Wolf, the sole survivor of the Kai Monastery massacre by the Darklords, who brought war to Summerlund. Your mission now is to reach Holmgard, the capital, and inform the king of the fatal threat that looms.

To do this you will have to cross the region now occupied by the troops of the Darklords: the militias of the hateful Giaks of the mountains, the Kraan that sail the skies, the Drakkar warriors and the Vordaks, the undead telepaths in the service of the Lords of Helgedad, the Hell City. Lone wolf, the fate of the kingdom depends on the success of your mission: you cannot fail.


What is the book we have read several times? Probably the first gamebook of the Lone Wolf saga, called "Flight from the Dark", published in U.K. in 1984: when we were teenagers we played that adventure dozens, maybe hundreds of times; and each time we were surprised how engaging it was.

The Lone Wolf saga, written by Joe Dever (today reached the 31st episode episode thanks to the work of Joe's son, Ben Dever) is absolutely astonishing, but the first episode, with the incredibly evocative title of "Flight from the dark ", remains magical and unrepeatable.

This is why the dungeon-synth ensemble called Gnoll, 37 years after its release, wanted to pay homage to that gamebook by writing the soundtrack. Gnoll has thoroughly studied every single paragraph of the gamebook, reliving every situation through music: the result is this compelling 16-track album, in the classic 70's heroic-fantasy style of the authors of "Citadel of Evil" and "Morkborg".

The great Gary Chalk, original illustrator of the first episodes of the saga understood how crazy Lone Wolf's fans we are, allowing us to use his magnificent drawings to package the cassette you see here: we have no words to thank him! This made HDK's tribute to Lone Wolf something perfect: we hope that thanks to this album, new generations of Lone Wolf fans can be born, who - like us - will spend hours of good fun browsing the pages of this awesome gamebook!


"Lone Wolf: Flight from the dark" is the soundtrack of the homonymous gamebook written by Joe Dever and illustrated by Gary Chalk published in 1984 in the UK and USA: Lone Wolf Gamebooks.

HDK would like to thank Joe's son, Ben Dever, for supporting us in making this album and the maestro Gary Chalk for allowing us so kindly to use his drawings to make the cassette artwork.