HDK 50 † KOBOLD "The village in the frozen mountains" CASSETTE

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The village of Baring and its mines are located between gorges and cliffs hit by freezing winds and heavy snow. It will not be easy to reach that remote and inhospitable land, but a brother's desperate call for help cannot be ignored, so ... the adventure begins!


Oh yes, Kabald is back! The most famous humanoid in the HDK catalog composed his fourth album. The party is composed by the heroes we meet in the lost talisman trilogy: Zothen Miur the magic user, Viktor Darkheart the fighter, Bloodwin Stonemade the dwarf, Fir the thief, Garandir the Elf and Sarohma Ishir the cleric.
In this adventure our heroes are grappling with a mystery placed among the ice of the Huk mountains... The threat of the ogres will be overshadowed by a terrible discovery that our adventurers will make in the dark mines of Baring.


Kobold does not disappoint the expectations of his fans: 14 exciting tracks will make you experience the highlights of the adventure in the icy mountains of the Huk Valley; you can follow the development of the adventure on the map and on the travel diary included in the tape: a total experience, a real miniature D&D campaign!
Kobold has chosen to keep his musical mix unchanged: the sounds used are the same of the great "The cave of the lost Talisman" or "The curse of the ancient abbey", short dungeon-pop compositions in 16-bit style and magic melodies that will transport you straight when you was young and carefree.