HDK 49 † CASIOTOMB "Exkursion in das Hügelgrablabyrinth" CASSETTE

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Do you remember the sensations we had when we were kids and we explored abandoned places and caves in the woods behind our house, places that had nothing special but that we imagined to be infested with monsters and ghosts? Well, those are the same feelings that made your Dungeons & Dragons sessions exciting! As you are in front of the dungeon entrance, those joyful childhood sensations come to mind, when life was an adventure every day.


This album is the celebration of the purest, simplest and nostalgic dungeon-crawling style. It is a tribute to what was the fantasy role-playng game at its origins, between the 70s and 80s: caves inhabited by hostile creatures, dotted with traps and shiny treasures.
A tribute also to the roguelike computer RPGs, so simple and so evocative at the same time, with its random-generation dungeons.

"Exkursion ins Hügelgrablabyrinth" is an epic underground exploration campaign created by the German dungeon-master Mad Moses, in which the artist Johannes Stahl took part. During the campaign sessions Johannes drew in real time the various situations that the characters were experiencing. The drawings included in "Exkursion..." casette are only a small part of those made!

Casiotomb, lastly, is a new musician capable of putting together in a single musical language the love for the raw sounds of analog synthesizers, the soundchips of the first computers and the soundtracks of the old exploitation movies. Casiotomb astonish you with an original, evocative and cheeky sound.


Casiotomb, Mad Moses, Johannes Stahl have joined forces to give birth to this incredible album, one of the most epic HDK releases ever!
The cassette is packaged with a 6-panel j-card which contains a Johannes Sthal artwork for each song and a folded insert with a diary of an "Exkursion..." session compiled by Mad Moses. Majestic!

Light the torches and be careful not to slip on the slimy steps that descend into the darkness!