HDK 44 † LUCIFER ANALOG "The spectre of the duke" cassette

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Listen / Download digital versione here:  LUCIFER ANALOG - The spectre of the duke


Some rumors tell of a monumental tomb near the Pok swamp, in Grumacchio region. A long time ago, the Duke Friedrick Gonzagor was buried there at the end of his controversial existence. His life was characterized by a rapid rise and quick decadence. At an nearby inn you bought for a few gold coins a map that indicates the location of the sanctuary that it is said to keep rich treasures. So far, although some adventurers have already tried to desecrate the tomb, it seems that no one has managed to come back alive to tell what he saw ...

The little pronaos has almost sunk into the swamp near the large Pok pond. It is miraculously still standing even it shows the destructive signs of time. It consists of steps, four columns and a tympanum. The architecture is encrusted with moss and a half in ruins but reveals the ancient severe elegance. On the trabeation the following words are engraved "Here rests Friedrick Gonzagor, Duke of Grumacchio, who lived a step behind the gods". The wooden door has already been forced by someone else and is open. If examined carefully, it is possible to notice a mysterious word engraved on the wood: "Ananke". It means "Destiny" in an ancient language...


If someone had described it to us, we would have said: "No way baby! A record like this is... impossible!". Not only was it possible, but it also turned out to be a small masterpiece of sepulchral music!

LUCIFER ANALOG is Luciano Lamanna: born in 1977 and resident in Rome, he's one of the most honorable name of the Italian electronic scene; since the 90s Luciano is a legend of techno-rave music (Tekno Mobil Squad), but also a composer and producer who has worked with important artists in hip-hop music (Truceklan), independent rock (Zu, Ephel Duath...) and dark/metal (Aborym, Karyn Crisis, Der Blutharsch...). Luciano, in his now long career, has experimented with every musical genre... and today even with the dungeon-synth!

When Luciano wrote to us asking "Can I make a record with HDK?" we, goofy nerds, have put him into a test: "Ok, but you will not be free... we will write a Dungeons & Dragons scenario and you will have to write its soundtrack!". So we have prepared a minimal-gonzo module in full old school dungeon crawling spirit! Luciano, without objections and in a few weeks, following the map of the dungeon we drew, he composed and recorded "The spectre of the duke".


In this unique album dungeon-synth thus meets techno music, passing through industrial suggestions and moments near to the 80s horror movie soundtracks. The necrophilous crescendo of "Gold sparkles and bones came alive" (13 unforgettable minutes of distressing dungeon-rave) shows that this encounter between dance-electronic and dungeon-synth is not only possible, but really desirable!