HDK 43 † BASIC DUNGEON "Perils in the slums scenario 2: the corrupt magicians" CASSETTE

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HDK is pleased to present the second chapter of the "Perils in slums" saga by BASIC DUNGEON. In this episode, our heroes investigate the guild of corrupt wizards and discover unspeakable secrets that have to deal with necrophilia, smuggling, tax evasion and ancient evil cults.
"The corrupt magicians" is an interactive album in which you can choose how to face the adventure by choosing from four lines of investigation: you can choose to look for news about the corrupt magicians in the tavern of the hanged kobold, counting on the idle talk of some drunken orc; you can follow magicians during their mysterious and murky night outings towards the abandoned cemetery in the most ill-famed district of the city; you can pretend to be a merchant of parchment and insinuate yourself into the secret rooms, choosing whether to go down into the mysterious underground of the guild or infiltrate between the top brass and find out if the magicians' invaluable treasure really exists. In short, with "Perils in the slums scenario 2: the corrupt magicians" you will never be bored!


"Perils in the slums" is an epic saga that will transport you back in time, when a scribbled map and a set of dice was enough to live breathtaking adventures. An era in which a handful of pixels maked up intricate dungeons and frightening monsters, an era in which we were catapulted into fairy worlds to the sound of monophonic jingles and beep-beeps produced by a computer. "Perils in the slums" is a trilogy that will end with the next chapter entitled "Maze of death".