HDK 41 † BLOOD TOWER "The Erth's Town Mystery" CASSETTE

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Yes, the same old story: you are adventurers in search of fortune.

After a long journey, you come to a town called Cassor, a lively nucleus inhabited by merchants and shopkeepers, a strategic hub at the feet of the Thule valley. Beyond it there are the majestic mountains of Morgul, with their mighty glaciers and their dangerous heights: an impervious place, that now people can overcome more easily thanks to the new commercial road built by the wealthy alloy of the merchants of Cassor. With the passage of goods and caravans, the valley of Thule has gained prosperity and its small villages, wrapped for many months a year by cold and dense forests of firs, are filled with shops and inns for travelers.

As soon as you arrive in the town, you know that something mysterious has happened to Erth, a small village of a few hundred souls located along the valley: its inhabitants have suddenly disappeared. All. The last rumors of those who passed by, describe it as a ghost town, enveloped by fog, completely deserted. Yet a few days earlier everything was normal: the innkeepers Peter, Edward the guard of the civic tower, the secretary of the Thule magicians' guild called Saragat and even Rebecca, the daughter of a wealthy Cassor merchant who was temporarily in Erth to manage the father's business... it was just like everyday life. Bino, Rebecca's father, begs you to investigate this mystery: he is in despair, if you take his daughter back safe, he will give you a bag full of gold. How can you recognize her? She is blond, young and beautiful: when she disappeared, she had a precious medallion around her neck, a gift from her father for her twentieth birthday.

This is what you are looking for: the adventure begins …


"The Erth's town mystery" is the soundtrack for an homonym RPG fantasy campaign, specially written by HDK creative team. The music, by the american artist called Blood Tower, takes us to the origins of the dungeon-synth, to that decadent minimalism full of atmosphere and nostalgia that characterized this musical style in the 90s .

This foggy and autumnal album has the scent of the old D&D cyclostyled adventure modules and the 80's typed fantasy 'zines. "The Earth's Town Mystery" transports us into a world magical and pure that we have known when we were children.
Maps & Drawings by Paths Peculiar (Niklas Wistedt).
Enjoy his amazing works at: www.wistedt.net