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ONE DAY ALL WILL BLACKEN AND BURN. Just as the two-headed basilisks predicted. Lies, Truth, Denial and Envy embodied. Their riddling yet oddly accurate prophecies were put in ink by Anuk Schleger the monk, in the scrolls that now hold many names - The Nameless Scriptures, The Unwritten, The Dirt Pages. And so far, every promise therein has been realized, hence why both kings and beggars now cry and wail. Everything will blacken and burn. The stormy, Endless Sea will boil and flood. The Valley of the Unfortunate Undead crumble and turn to dust. Every city: Galgenbeck and Schleswig, Alliáns and Grift will perish in flames. The trees of Sarkash rise as black smoke and the sprawling tunnels beneath the mountains of Bergen Chrypt will collapse in chaos and blood. And still there are those who seek riches. Those who seek redemption, and those who try to stop the apocalypse. They too will die, but they will die tired.


ONE DAY... a Swedish boy knocked on the door of HDK headquarters; he proposed us to produce the soundtrack of the role-playing game he was working on. The name of this fantasy-punk RPG would have been MORK BORG (Dark Castle). There were already illustrations, something like a "medieval nightmare": scenarios of pestilence and apocalypse, degenerate and cruel characters, blood, bones, splintered swords and a sense of imminent end to make shudder. "No problem!" we exclaimed, "this is our cup of tea!".

We immediately sent a carrier pigeon with a message to the hideout of those fetid and outcast humanoids called GNOLL. The message said: "We need dark, gloomy and barbaric music: in short, do what you know how to do, then do it better and faster!". They unsheathed their filthy analogue instruments and in just a few days they created this jewel of black shine. This time GNOLL ensemble was inspired by the mystical hard-rock of the smoky 70s and the proto-doom bands: the result is portentous and full of magical darkness.