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In the beginning, it was only the knights who dominated the world of Zargo. Over the course of centuries, thanks to their strength, they had built castles on the four continents, subjugating all humans, in agreement with the Wizards, custodians of the art of Visions and Knowledge...

But then, from strange and distant worlds, came other peoples, with different and terrible powers, who gradually snatched from the Knights not only lands to be exploited and on which to build their cities, but also masses of humans, transformed into their image . This led to what is called the "War of the Lords" in the annals of Zargo. Over the course of a year, amid alliance and immediately betrayed alliances, freeing extraordinary powers and powers, unprecedented clashes ignited the whole planet, in a struggle without quarter, where winning meant glory and power, and losing meant extinguishing.


ZARGO'S LORDS is an old fantasy wargame, produced in 1979 by the INTERNATIONAL TEAM, an Italian boardgames manufacturer; in about ten years of activity, I.T. produced a considerable amount of games, becoming a well-known company in Europe; some of the IT's board games, such as ZARGO'S LORDS, has been notable for the beauty of the scnenarios and the sophistication of the design.

In the 80s, we at HDK were true fanatics of ZARGO'S LORDS: this is why we wanted to offer a musical tribute to the game, by asking the mysterious ensemble GNOLL to make an epic, great album: the humanoids behind the GNOLL monicker obeyed our orders: they closed in the dungeons of the HDK headquarters with their instruments (moldy analog synthesizers, old dusty keyboards and thundering drums) and gave life to a soundtrack perfect for the warlike and arcane atmospheres of Zargo.


Certainly more magniloquent and melodic than the previous GNOLL albums, ZARGO'S LORDS preserves the primordial inspiration and magical atmospheres of “Citadel of Evil” or "Music for Dungeons", catapulting the listener into a fantasy world full of blood and mystery.

The artwork of this cassette was made entirely using the illustrations of box, pieces and board of the 70s original edition of the game.

HDK thanks one of the founders of the International team, Mr. Marco Donadoni for giving us the opportunity to make this tribute. Thanks also to Massimo Petrini, the art director of IT and Enea Riboldi, the artist behind the awesome Zargo's Lords original artwork.

Additional information on Zargo's Lords and other International Team games can be found on this tribute-site: zargosl.free.fr/index-UK.html

ZARGO'S LORDS was recorded by GNOLL between years 2018 and 2019.