HDK 35 † BASIC DUNGEON "Perils in the slums scenario 1: the orcs commune" CASSETTE

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The Slums: the place where the strongest prevails and gangs of humanoid fight for dominance ... but also an excellent place for adventure and gain! C'mon folks ... let's start the quest!


Hey folks, welcome to a new BASIC DUNGEON saga!
In this episode, our heroes will have to deal with a tribe of orcs holed up in the suburban sewers, with a giant millipede really hungry and with the usual pitfalls of which all the dungeons are full; furthermore, they will discover the entrance to an ancient underground that - obviously - conceals untold mysteries and they will ascertain that the guild of the city's magicians ... is corrupt! In short, in "Perils in the slums: scenario one" you will never be bored!

"Perils in the slums" is a fantasy RPG campaign divided into three parts, a musical invention conceived as a soundtrack of a real session of Dungeons & Dragons. Both the tape and the digital version of "Orcs commune" contain the playable module as quest adapted to any RPG rules system (possibly old-school, please).


Basic Dungeon takes us back to the heroic times when our fun was entrusted to a simple dice throwing or a cluster of pixels moving on a screen: endless D&D sessions spent with friends, sleepless nights exploring monochromatic dungeons in front of a screen with cathode-ray tube ... this was "escapism" in the days of the Cold War, when it was enough a pencil and a sheet (and a set of dices, of course) to make us live memorable adventures!