HDK 34 † DOOM CATACOMB "the weaver in the vault" CASSETTE

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An unknown threat lurks in the ruins of the ancient city of Chaon Gacca, where no one has entered for centuries. Three trusted soldiers of King Famorgh, sent there to recover a macabre treasure, will be victims of a cosmic horror without equal.

Clark Ashton Smith "The weaver in the vault" (1934):


"The weaver in the vault" is the soundtrack of the homonymous novel by Clark Ashton Smith and its author is an artist already known to those who follow the HDK releases: we talk about the unhealthy Doom Catacomb, chthonic music master and necrophilic priest.

His crepuscular synthesizers describe sick and decadent landscapes, they accompany us in damp and frightly dungeons, they evoke monstrosities coming from plans of existence unknown to us.

The songs that make up "The weaver in the vault" were composed under the effect of heavy hallucinogens, in a few feverish nights: the result is strange music that follows irrational and alienating scores, music that is placed halfway between the dimension we know and another of which (fortunately) we can only guess the horror.