HDK 33 † V.A. "Tales from the inn at the edge of the world" CASSETTE

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To celebrate Christmas in our own way, we have gathered together some of the musicians who have collaborated with us over the last year, asking them to write an unreleased song. We recorded their music in the "Inn at the Edge of the World" during a night of revelries and magic (as you can see in the tape cover). So "Tales ..." is the result of this meeting featuring the filthy KOBOLD and the fetid GNOLL, THONGOR the barbarian, a mysterious wanderer with one eye and the broken sword, the gloomy DOOM CATACOMB from the dying realms of Zotique, the two talented Italian dungeon-synthers SIDEREAL FORTRESS and BLACK TIGER, and those agglomerations of pixels that are BASIC DUNGEON and 1Kbyte DUNGEON.


"Tales..." is a tribute to our beloved dungeon-synth music and to the wonderful international DS scene that has supported us in this past year (thank you folks!). Stay tuned because in 2019 we of HDK will not rest: exciting releases are already ready for all of you, weird music lovers! Ooorah! :)