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Near a village with a not-so-important name, there is the entrance to a dungeon, sadly known among the inhabitants of that area. The legend tells that nobody has ever come out alive from there. This is the only truth, all the rumors about what you will face inside are the most disparate and contradictory.

This peculiar dungeon is actually a magic dungeon, the fool (or funny?) experiment of a diabolical 36th-level wizard: the dungeon always changes, or maybe it does not even exist. But you do not know this and, with regard to what is told to you at the Inn of the Three Happy & Claudicant Kobolds, you may think: "well, this is only a stupid tale of the people from the village!". In every dungeon there are immeasurable treasures, and these treasures - as always - will flow in your large pockets! Ah, ah, ah!

You wake up early in the morning in good shape and you walk towards the point where the access to this mysterious underground place should be. The sun is high in the sky and the birds are singing happily. What a wonderful day!

Ok, but now roll the dice and find out what the Dunjon Magik has in stock for you ...


Written and recorded by the HDK Sound Team on a moonless night in late summer, under the influence of mysterious magic potions, DUNJON MAGIK is simply a paradoxical and frightening journey in the remains of your most disturbing dreams, those you thought you had removed forever, but that they are just crouched in the dungeon of your mind.

DUNJON MAGIK is also a tribute to the most insane and psychedelic role-playing game of all time: TUNNELS & TROLLS! Glory to the Flying Buffalo Game Company and the band of brilliant hippies who wrote freak-fantasy masterpieces such as "Beyond the Silvered Pane", "Blue Frog Tavern", "Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon" and more adventures totally delusional and unpredictable!