HDK 28 † KOBOLD "The valley of the forgotten secrets" CASSETTE

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KOBOLD triumphantly returns with the third chapter of the the Black Priest's Saga, so...prepare your bag and sharpen your sword, we're starting back for adventure! In this last quest the adventurers will have to face a long and dangerous journey along a forgotten valley to definitively solve the mystery of the lost talisman.


As always inspired by the soundtracks of the 8 and 16-bit CRPGs of the eighties and nineties, in this third album KOBOLD's music reaches peaks of stylistic and emotional perfection, dragging you into a world of magic and adventure where you will be trapped. Follow on the map the succession of the tracks and read in the booklet the development of the plot, for an even more engaging and complete experience!


KOBOLD is once again a joyful tribute to Dungeons & Dragons as it was in the 80s, when we children of the Cold War spent many hours in dungeons exploration and in dice rolls...