HDK 26 † TSAR BOMB "Но́вая Земля́" CASSETTE

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Listen here: TSAR BOMB "Но́вая Земля́"

October 30, 1961 at 11:30 a.m. (Moscow time) is unleashed in Mitjusicha Bay, island of Novaya Zemlya, the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever built. The Tzar-Bomb had a detonation power of more than 3000 times the power of the bomb thrown on Hiroshima. Its radius of destruction was 35 km. and the fire reached a height of 64 km.
After that test, the world wondered whether to continue the research in nuclear devices. It would have been a dead end lane leading to self destruction...

The bomb

(A Tsar-bomb replica in its hangar, Ussr '70s)

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Swedish musician Robin Klockerman composed this album of weird electronic music taking inspiration from the facts told above. "Novaya Zemlya" is an unclassifiable album in balance between classic minimal synth (Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget), kraut-rock (Neu!, Cluster, Kraftwerk) and electronic / ambient D.I.Y. cassette scene of 80s.

"Novaya Zemlya" of Tzar-Bomb takes us to the borders of the world, on the homonymous uninhabited island, theater of the Soviet nuclear experiments at the time of the Cold War; takes us to the control rooms of the military bases of the Nuclear Age, where pressing the wrong button could cause the annihilation of humanity...