HDK 23 † MAUSOLEI "A Dungeon in the tundra" CASSETTE

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"Why have you gone so far, into this desolate and inhospitable land? What can be buried under this frozen earth? The legends of the nomadic peoples, some rumors of the miners, a strange dream, so vivid... the last outpost was a ruined tower dating back to a war no one remembers anymore. Useful for sheltering from the thin wolves, with the eyes full of blood, that mysteriously live in this cursed land. In the dream's vision the access into the earth was like you are seeing it now. The map scrawled with a piece of coal by the mad hermit... was correct. Now you just have to cross the threshold between light and the threshold between light and darkness".


The new album of Mausolei, one of the most inspired bards of the earth depths, is released by Heimat Der Katastrophe... and we are infinitely happy about it! The ecstatic wanderings in a isolated and desert land, a mystical descent into the dungeons of the human soul...

Mausolei has not abandoned its hypnotic and foggy sound: "A dungeon in the tundra" is yet another confirmation of the unique quality of this strange musician who has grasped the deep essence of the dungeon-synth style.