HDK 188 † GRAHAM SIMPSON "Electrical Storm at the Micro Station" CASSETTE

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We are immensely pleased to welcome into the HDK catalog Mr. Graham Simpson, a champion of electronic music who was hidden in his little house up there in the north east of England.

It is reductive to place Graham's music under a specific tag because he is able to release amazing albums in any genre or subgenre that can in some way be traced back to the definition of electronic music. Albums like this “Electrical Storm at the Micro Station”, which will surely make rejoice the lovers of old records by Bob James, Vangelis and Casiopea.

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“Electrical Storm At The Microstation” is an album inspired by the constantly changing weather and climate of the Earth.
All the sounds, including all sound effects, were generated on a Korg Microstation. The sounds were either played by hand, or were sequenced using an Arturia Beatstep Pro.
Arranged, Composed, Performed and Produced by Graham Simpson. Recorded at Broken Troll Studios during January 2021.