HDK 165 † V.A. "Adventurers Magazine # 2" CASSETTE

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After the closing of the Dungeon-synth magazine with the number 10 of the series... here's another series to begin! Dungeon-crawling aficionados and devotees of gloomy synth-music, "HDK's Adventurers Magazine" is for you: each issue features a group of expert dungeon synth musicians who score the soundtracks for as many "one-page dungeons", short adventure modules for fantasy RPGs.

Sharpen your sword and prepare the polyhedral dice: in this first issue you will find 60 minutes of unreleased dungeon-synth by four artists + four one-page dungeons ready to explore. Have fun!


This second episode of HDK Adventurers Magazine begins with the mighty MAANSKILD setting music to a mysterious dungeon titled "The Sepulchral of the Twin Witches." Are the twin witches dead in their graves or has something diabolical brought them back to life?

Side A continues with GOBLINTH dealing with "The Den of Kava Bhaz", the place where a half-goblin, half-human alchemist has been conducting obscene experiments for decades. Kava Bhaz was a repulsive creature shunned by all. Now many say he is dead. A few curious adventurers tried to make their way into his cave, descending the slippery steps that lead underground to steal his gold coins. No one ever returned.

The third guest is an old acquaintance of HDK: we are speaking about the "analog maestro" called XIII SCALE dealing with "the Frozen Palace of Gurtz", a quest to find an old friend lost in the ice of the tundra. Lord Gurtz's palace is a ruin eroded by icy winds and eternal ice, a place of treasures that belonged to this controversial and rich northern lord who wanted to build his home in one of the most inaccessible places ever seen.

The chapter closes with the poignant "The Tomb of the Enigmatic Bard" by ROOK, a new dungeon synthesizer that debuts here with its dreamy Fief-like sounds. We are sure that the love story between the bard Bishop and Gwyneth will win you over!