HDK 163 † HEX CRAWL "Beneath the Violet Kingdom" CASSETTE

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"All throughout the realm of Farûm's Corners, hushed whispers of an emerging plague called The Violet Decay are spoken by it’s citizens. Four adventurers leave the safe walls of Oldminster and travel to the eastern kingdom of Sothiril to investigate..."


A brand new Dungeon-synth artist bursts onto the scene, his name is HEX CRAWL!

His epic fantasy music full of twists and turns will enchant you, dragging you into an adventure with the classic flavor of 80s D&D adventures.

Dramatic melodies screamed from dusty synthesizers, thunderous percussions that come from an ancestral past, a crazy harpsichord that weaves heart-pounding sound textures, synthetic choirs that tell of imminent tragedies, sounds of bells bringing mystery... everything is shocking in "Beneath the Violet Kingdom" by HEX CRAWL!


Together with the "Beneath the Violet Kingdom" cassette you will be provided with a map and some written indications of what will happen along the way: will this be enough to complete your quest?


All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by
The Maze Controller

Artwork by Brendan Elliott (@brendanelliott.art)

Hex Crawl would like to thank Stiopa and HDK Records, Brendan Elliott, Jacqueline, Liam, Cameron, Mitch, John, Mikhail, Jared, Ray, Sharad, Tony, Eric, Jeff, and Jadran.