HDK 162 † HOPPO'S QUEST "The Black Smiling Cloud" CASSETTE

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Oh yes, this is the first case of an HDK character's "remake": Hoppo was, in fact, the protagonist of a small album released many years ago (HDK 36), and now returns in a completely different guise.


Little remains of that light-hearted Hoppo and his fairy-tale world: in his 2024 version Hoppo wanders in a gloomy land inhabited by strange creatures, oppressed by magic and at the mercy of a cruel god. The search for happiness has given way to a struggle for survival in a world beyond the understanding of our poor protagonist, forced to find his way out of grotesque situations.


With its alienating sound and strange pace, this album will certainly attract the attention of the most curious. thanks to the music you can relive Hoppo's embarrassing and mocking adventures.