HDK 150 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine # 10" CASSETTE

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Hello dungeoncrawlers!

Let us begin by giving you news: with the tenth episode of your cassette magazine we are taking a break! Drum sounds, tragic sequence of chords in minor.... Panic and dismay! Hold on everyone, this is not the end but a new beginning: starting with the next episode your favorite dungeon synth magazine will be released with a freer cadence but most importantly with a revamped look! We need more time to manage the contents, associate them with the music and select your many submissions. We are so grateful but with these fast rhythms we risk missing out on some phenomenal musicians we listen to superficially, ending up dismissing him or her with a simple “Thanks for your tracks, they’re nice, but we have already a lot of stuff so bye bye... catch you for a beer at the tavern of the earless Goblin!”.

Let’s cut the crap now and see what this new issue has in store for you! We start with two Italian artists: Tidemancer set to music “The Jewel of Cronos” with his dreamy dungeon synth about magic & life, while about 15 minutes later we find the project Torre dei Ladri by a mysterious girl devoted to a project somewhere between dungeon synth and electronic music. On the B-side we have Skuggkonungen with the mocking “Fatal spell”, minimal and very intense dungeon synth. Closing the compilation is Gnoll with “Hierophant,” the soundtrack to the eponymous episode of the cult animated film “The Spine of Night”. If you haven’t seen it yet - check it out!

So, light your torches, press play and have a nice exploration!