HDK 15 † RYOSUKE MOCHIDA "Kowloon Neon City Ep. 1" CASSETTE

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Kowloon Neon City (ep.1) is a soundtrack of an OAV series (never) filmed in 1992, based on the omonimous sci-fi & cyberpunk japanese manga (never) released in '80s. It's an exciting story full of action, love and intrigues, setted in a megalopolis called Kowloon: the starrings are Cheng, a young smuggler of memories and a strange girl called Mei, with a cyborg body. Wandering in the humid suburbs of Kowloon, they will be hunted by a terrible killer called "the pale-God of Kowloon" and they are forced to fight for their lives, discovering something scaring about their past.

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The original soundtrack of "Kowloon Neon City (ep.1)" is composed and arranged by the cult-japanese-musician Ryosuke Mochida in early '90s, released for Heimat Der Katastrophe on tape in 2018.