HDK 147 † DUNJON MAGIK "Sky ov Crimson Flame" CASSETTE

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It began with the disappearance of Belesa — the raven-haired beauty with jade colored eyes. Then others began to vanish! One by one, friends, loved ones and finally the children screamed out in the night and were lost... Now as the Horned Moon rises, a thunderous sound ripples across the night sky and in its wake, a Crimson Star ignites in the east! Those stolen must have been taken to the Ancient Keep — a place of dread that lies hidden within the dark boughs of the Eastern Forest. It is up to you to save those who have been taken and stop whatever evil now dwells within that accursed structure of yore. Together you steel yourselves as you enter the Eastern Forest."


The coven of outcast musicians otherwise known as DUNJON MAGIK have fired up her cheap synthesizers to compose the soundtrack for "Sky ov Crimson Flame", a grim RPG adventure module released by Owl Knight Publishing. The work was carried out with the usual ecstatic rapture and the help of magical drinks capable of modifying the perception of reality.

Here you will find oblique melodies, sinister atmospheres, and macabre mood: fully in line with the horrors that this adventure module hides within its bloody pages!

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