HDK 14 † BLACK TIGER "Xanathul shadow" CASSETTE

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The villagers of Vernalon were hit by a curse: the clerics of Thorliast can't do anything against a disease that plunges the villagers into a grey comatose state from which there is no way to awaken them, even using the most powerful magical powers. This terrible disease is... the Shadow of Xanathul!


Here is another thrilling HDK musical journey! BLACK TIGER, a dungeon-synther devoted to the arcade coin-op music of late 80's-early 90's, composed "The Xanathul Shadow": excellent chip-tune fantasy music, soundtrack of the homonymous module of the old-school RPG “Strange Magic” published by Dungeoneer Games & Simulations.

"Shadow of Xanathul" quest is written by Antonello Molella. Drawings by Peter Pagano.