HDK 160 † V.A. "Adventurers Magazine # 1" CASSETTE

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After the closing of the Dungeon-synth magazine with the number 10 of the series... here's another series to begin! Dungeon-crawling aficionados and devotees of gloomy synth-music, "HDK's Adventurers Magazine" is for you: each issue features a group of expert dungeon synth musicians who score the soundtracks for as many "one-page dungeons", short adventure modules for fantasy RPGs.

Sharpen your sword and prepare the polyhedral dice: in this first issue you will find 60 minutes of unreleased dungeon-synth by four artists + four one-page dungeons ready to explore. Have fun!


The mysterious musician SERHLI CHO'L takes us to the Magic Desert, where the Citadel of the Shadow one stands, a place suspended in time by ancestral spells. "The Citadel of the Shadow One: dungeon of the deadly sphere" is a place that hides dangers and mysteries that would be better left where they are.

"Tower of the Mad Wizard" is the home of an old wizard, who you imagine is tired by now. An easy target to plunder all the treasures accumulated in a long life: but obviously things are very different and to get out alive you will have to use all your skills! IDYLLS OF THE LAST KING will accompany your deeds with a soundtrack of great minimal atmosphere.

RADAGAST wrote the sound commentary of the "Mausoleum of the iron priest", a damp and very ancient underground funerary monument, eroded by mold and humidity which, despite everything, some creatures have chosen as their home. Deadly puzzles and macabre magic await adventurers who want to explore this unhealthy dungeon.

And - last but not the least - you will have to venture into "The Whispers of Caribeh", a village surrounded by a thick fog, a place where many dark and terrifying things happen... will you be able to get out of this nightmare? The music of BLAZE J. GRYGIEL will accompany you in this frightening journey.