HDK 136 † UNSHEATHED GLORY "In search of the the Lost Land" CASSETTE

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Another adventurous feat awaits you! This time you will be accompanied by the excellent UNSHEATHED GLORY, an American DS artist you already met in HDK Dungeon-synth Magazine #7.

His enchanted synthesizers will fly you to a fairy kingdom where everything is magic and mystery.


“In this land, you have walked the lonely path of adventure, and fought strange creatures; here too, you have crossed the strange domain of Autumn where a Doom was laid upon you: to find the secret of the Universe, which lies hidden beyond the mountains that rim the world, or to die in the attempt.

You have traveled the frozen fastnesses of the mountains’ foothills, and the mysterious forests where few dare to tread, accumulating wealth and glory and power. Indeed, you now hold great lands, and are accounted mighty. But you are not satisfied…

You sit now in a stone chair under the glittering, vaulted ceiling of the great hall of Gether, Lord of the Lower Kingdom and your close friend”.
It is an old conversation. What would you indeed? The truth is that you are bored, that far from enjoying the power and wealth you have won for yourself, you feel imprisoned by your status and responsibilities. Gether sighs: “You should go a-questing again.” You nod: he has voiced your own thoughts”.

After some thought, he takes a small wooden box from his sleeve, and, opening it, lays it before you. There are three round depressions in the deep blue velvet padding, and a mark where a key once rested. “Here lay the stones of power, the Sariram, whence came the might of my kingdom of old. The key holds the secret you seek, and you must find all, and return the Sariram to their rightful place. And I tell you that they may be found in the Stupa of the Lost Land; and that your road begins here, in the caverns of my kingdom, and I will show you the start”.


In the 80s there was the boom of the so-called "gamebooks", interactive books usually of the fantasy genre, in which the reader was called to make choices and solve puzzles to reach the last page.

PROTEUS, a magazine released in the UK from 1984 to 1988, published a whole interactive adventure to play in each issue: they were naive dungeon explorations, treasure searches full of sense of bizarre, weird riddles and absurd monsters.

PROTEUS's adventures weren't masterpieces, but they were fun and damn difficult: there were often dozens of objects to necessarily find to complete the quest and defeat the final monster, and most of the time the decisive one was missing; furthermore, it was essential to draw maps ogf the dungeons in order not to get lost in the paragraphs, but these maps often... did not add up.

In short: a lot of fun for us kids of the analog era!