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In September 1986, the first comic book dedicated to the character of Tomas Caine was released; it was entitled "La Pastorale del Destino" (The Pastoral of Doom). It could have been one of the many comic books that filled the shelves of the Italian newsstands of those years, but it wasn't like that: the success of Tom Caine was extraordinary.

Balancing horror atmospheres typical of the time, irreverent irony, and love stories, Tomas Caine immediately met the tastes of the young Italians of the 80s. The texts by the late Mino Camogli were modern and full of expressions in vogue among young people, and the drawings by Steno Artebagni were dark and innovative compared to the boring standards of the Italian comics of previous years.

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In 1989 Docuvideo TV bought the rights to make a television drama starring Tomas Caine: a pilot episode was made, which aired in February 1990. Tony Soragna was chosen to play the role of the main character, coming from the success of some soap operas. Other actors in this episode were Margò Ramponi, Alexander Sarth, and Alfio Martinez.

Despite the excellent acting performance of Tony Soragna and the expert direction of Pio Malagutti, the script did not meet the tastes of the audience and was harshly criticized by Mino Camogli, the creator of Tomas Caine, who disavowed the project. Because of all this, no further episodes of the series were filmed and the project was shelved.

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However, among the most interesting things about that TV movie, there was the soundtrack by the Serbian experimental composer Ivan Ristic, credited as RIS.